“I begin with an idea….

….and then it becomes something else”

pablo picasso


Please meet ‘Ilsa’.

-a little tomboy with a strong & free spirit.




Ilsa is a 30cm/12” artistic interpretation of a cloth doll. She has a needle felted head with soft sculpted features. The hair is a wig, crocheted from soft mohair yarn and her eyes are sparkly black teddy bear glass eyes. The body is sewn from cotton jersey and filled with warm wool and steel pellets for extra weight. The doll can’t stand by itself and has a cuddly, floppy feel.

Ilsa comes with a full set of clothes (hand knitted overall, cardigan, hat and socks and cotton undies).

Thank you very much for your interest in my work. Ilsa is available in my etsy shop.




Published by Regina Marti

I am an independent creator of whimsical Art Dolls, Artist Teddy Bears and felted friends - this magical world brings so much joy and happiness and I hope my friendly little characters make you smile.

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