with a soft flutter….

this gentle little angel landed on the cozy little cloud…..


I started this creation many weeks ago. I kept working on it, kept adding and changing until one day I saw the brave little angel it wanted to become. A theme I used before and I truly like….well, that’s not hard to guess.

At the beginning some wire, soft wool, felt, fabric and feathers was all I had on my work table; add some tiny buttons, a little yarn, two miniature key rings, a leather strap, countless hours and a lot of creative joy.


The angel is needle felted over a wire armature which allows gentle posing. She is wearing felt trousers, a pink tutu, a hand knitted cardigan and scarf and a aviator hat and goggles. The set is 16cm tall. The angel can be removed from the needle felted cloud she is sitting on.

This set is meant as a decorative item for the adult collector due to its delicate nature and tiny parts.

Well, it’s just a happy little something that will warm your heart and make you smile.

….and if you’d like to bring this little angel home, please visit my etsy shop.

The listing will get live on Wednesday, 7. March 2018 @ 19:00 GMT.

Thank you for visiting x

Published by Regina Marti

I am an independent creator of whimsical Art Dolls, Artist Teddy Bears and felted friends - this magical world brings so much joy and happiness and I hope my friendly little characters make you smile.

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