…miracles come in threes!


When I opened my first etsy shop in August 2011, then still as SewingBoxPoetry, these little dollies were a big hit. Ever since the beginning of my doll making journey I always kept coming back to these little babies in pastel colors, with cute little hats and cozy sleeping bags.


They are a joy to create and heartwarming to hold and cuddle.

Yes, and sometimes these little miracles come in threes 🙂

So, please meet ‘Mi, Mo & Mellie’!


three small handmade baby dolls

– all bundled up in a cozy sleeping bag.

Small cloth dolls in pink, yellow and green; sewn from lovely velour fabric and stuffed with just a little soft wool. Only the head, hands and feet are firmly stuffed, needle sculpted and covered in flesh colored jersey fabric. The hair is sewn from dark brown mohair yarn. Each baby doll is wearing a  pointed hat (removable) with a matching felt ball on top.

All three babies are bundled up in a warm hand knitted sleeping bag (pink), embellished with a red needle felted heart.

This is a small set; please see picture below for size comparison with a ruler.

This could be a gift for a special person in your life or a little treasure just for yourself.

If you’d like to offer these three little ones a home please visit Dollectable on September 1st, 2018 @ 7pm EDT (NY time).

Please note this is not a toy due to the delicate nature of this whimsical set and the tiny parts.

Thank you very much for visiting! x

Published by Regina Marti

I am an independent creator of whimsical Art Dolls, Artist Teddy Bears and felted friends - this magical world brings so much joy and happiness and I hope my friendly little characters make you smile.

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