If you are…

…always trying to be normal

you will never know how amazing

you can be.’

maya angelou


Please meet Fleur – the newest little art cloth doll by mARTi creates.


Fleur is a small handmade Art Cloth Doll by mARTi creates.
She is about 25cm/10” tall and made with lots of joy and love.
Mirabelle is filled with soft wool and some steel and glass pellets for a little extra weight. She’s a floppy little doll; ideal for posing and a little cuddle.
Her head is fully needle felted, soft sculpted and slightly colored and some black glass Teddy bear eyes finish the friendly expression. The wig is sewn and felted from some dark blonde mohair locks and can be gently styled.
She is wearing a small summer dress, trousers, a cardigan, a hat, scarf, socks and shoes.


Fleur will be looking for a new home on Wednesday, 15 January 2020 @ 8pm/20:00 UK time. You will be able to find her here.


Thank you very much for stopping by. I’m happy you are here!

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