3 thoughts on “333cfada-60d0-4442-9b2b-946761b45107

  1. I am from Colorado, USA. I am interested in one of your creations but I have a request… Can you make an all black mini lop eared bunny??
    My daughter had a dwarf Nederland and she had to rehome because they would not let her have it in college… I wanted to get her something to remember her by? I love your work… they are beautiful and so adorable… I hope to hear back from you.

    Thank you Lori Strosnider


    1. Hi Lori, thank you for your kind messages. Due to work commitments I can’t take custom orders. But I always keep my customers wishes in mind. Thank you and please visit again. All the best and stay safe!


  2. I am hoping to find out if you do any requests and where I can purchase ?? My daughter had a mini lop-eared dwarf nederland bunny, all black, that she had to re-home because they would not let her have her in the dorm… It’s been 2 years and i have yet to find a black bunny anywhere. I love your creations and was wondering if you do requests and if your work is for sale, hope to hear from you!! Thank you


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