one more…

….snowy shop update before the Holidays!

Happy little snowmen

There will be one more etsy shop update before Christmas – if you wish to welcome one of the little snowmen or whimsical doll sets to your home, please visit my etsy shop ( on Thursday, 2nd December 2021 at 8pm/20:00 UK time (GMT). Please note Christmas delivery is expected but can’t be guaranteed.

Baby snowman

sleeping baby snowman – adoption fee £125 plus shipping
two whimsical sets with doll and snowman or bear in a cozy sleeping bag
– adoption fee £75 plus shipping

Thank you for your interest in my work and for buying handmade!

I’m happy you are here! x

Please note that all figures are decorative items only.

Winter Wonderland

Felted Snowman

Winter Wonderland Etsy Shop Update

– Sunday, 21st November 2021 @ 4pm (16:00) UK time –

felted snowman figure
three little snowmen – hand stitched from viscose fabric – 10-11cm tall from head to toes
– adoption fee for one snowman: £88.00 plus shipping.



Today, I would like you to meet Bigsy – another miniature bear by mARTi creates.

Bigsy is just about 10cm tall, hand stitched from viscose fabric, soft-sculpted, coloured and stuffed with fiberfill and glass and steel beads for a little extra weight.

If you wish to offer this little bear a new home, please visit my etsy shop on Thursday, 4th November at 8pm/20:00 UK time.

Adoption fee is £90.00 plus shipping (tracked, signed and insured)

Thank you very much for visiting!


Hello – I hope all is well!

After a lovely week abroad, visiting family and friends, I’m back in my studio and would like you to meet my newest little bear.


Please meet Brownie – a 10cm artist bear, hand sewn and soft sculpted from soft brown miniature teddy bear fabric, with black onyx beads and a felted nose. Brownie is wearing a tiny hand knitted sweater

If you would like to bring Brownie home, please visit my

etsy shop:

on Sunday, 24 October 2021 at 4pm/16:00 UK time.

A Scottish Summer and 10 years….

Hello All, I hope you are doing well. It has been a while since my last post and I’m happy to send you a wee update from the mARTi creates’ home.

We had a lovely, sunny summer and could explore more of Scotland’s beautiful nature, stunning historic places, small villages and friendly people along the North Coast 500.


Now we are back at home and after some heavy thunderstorms and lots of rain, it definitively feels like late summer or even – dare I say it – early autumn.

I did some stitching and crafting over the summer and re-visitied some old patterns and tried new challenges. In August 2021 it marks exactly 10 years sind I opened my first etsy shop. That was under my previous name ‘Sewing Box Poetry’ and when we were still living in the US. A lot has changed since, I have learned many new skills and have designed lots of new patterns and ideas. I’m not very good a using my patterns; I often tweak or even re-design them completely but there is one small piece of paper that has been re-used over and over again….

Pattern 2011

This pattern has helped me create many baby dolls and whimsical sets over the years and to celebrate the decade as an etsy seller, I have made two new little dollies – the ones that have helped me find my style and slowly create a name as ‘mARTi creates’.

Baby doll

These are still little works in progress and in need of a little felted friend and a cosy sleeping bag. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating something so familiar and dear. So, watch this space if you’re interested in bringing one of them home.

Baby doll

I have also started working on tiny little bears as I am preparing for my first ever Teddy Bear Show in September.

happy little works in progress

I’m very excited about this challenge and equally nervous. I hope my bears and I can keep up with all the wonderful and so talented Teddy bear artists around the world. Again, an update will follow as soon as possible.

little darling

…and sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself and try something outside the comfort zone. Here are just a few impressions of the other projects that are happily scattered around the house, behind the sofa and stored in vintage tins or bags.

As always, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I’m happy you are here!

– please visit again soon and I will hopefully be able to re-stock my etsy shop in due course. Unfortunately this does create quite some worries and head aches on my side as Brexit and the additional export requirements are making it more and more difficult to send my wee creations all over the world…Thank you for your patience while I try to figure this out.

Many thanks again and take care! x


Please meet Theodore!


Theo is hand stitched from soft alpaca fur and is about 23cm tall (head to toes).
He is 5way (splint/disc) jointed with a wobbly neck joint, soft sculpted and has glass Teddy bear eyes and a felted/painted nose.
The head, arms and legs are firmly stuffed with fiberfill and the tummy is filled with steel and plastic pellets for extra weight.
The bear is poseable and slightly floppy (wobbly neck joint) – with just has a nice cuddly feel.
Theo is wearing hand knitted dungarees & a necklace.


Theo will be available for adoption: Sunday, 23 May 2021 at 11am UK time.

Biscuit, the hedgehog

Whimsical needle felted & soft sculpted set with a sleeping hedgehog in a cozy nest with mushrooms.

Available in my etsy shop on Saturday, 15 May 2021 at 11am UK time.

Included in the set are the sleeping hedgehog, the cozy nest with 2 mushrooms & a tiny knitted blanket.

Hand made decoration (18cm x 10cm x 15cm) – not a toy


This little bear’s name is ‘Honey’ and she will join Teddy Phil in today’s etsy shop update….8 May 2021 at 4pm UK time.


Honey is fully hand stitched from German Mohair and is about 19cm tall (head to toes).
The bear is 5way (splint/disc) jointed, soft sculpted and has black glass Teddy bear eyes and a felted nose.
The head, arms and legs are firmly stuffed with fiberfill and his tummy is filled with steel and plastic pellets for extra weight.
The bear is posable and ever so slightly floppy – he just has a nice cuddly feel.
Honey is wearing hand knitted dungarees, & a necklace.

Adoption fee is £110 plus shipping.

Thank you very much for visiting – have a good weekend!