keep in touch

Dear Reader, This might be rather dry and unspectacular but yet very important blog post. You might have heard about the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), that comes into effect on May 25, 2018. I'm writing this post to comply with the new regulations and in order to do so I need to confirm that…Read more keep in touch

Did anyone say ‘Royal Wedding’?

yes, the big day is here.....ENJOY! ...and if you have a minute, please welcome little George, the hedgehog. George is a wonderful little friend; just about 19cm tall (standing). He is hand sewn from miniature teddy bear fabric and hedgehog fabric. He's filled with steel pellets for extra weight and soft polyfill; the little fella…Read more Did anyone say ‘Royal Wedding’?

a small keepsake

'small lavender sachet doll'   This charming little dolly is filled with lots of love and organic dried lavender blossom.   The head is created from soft wool, covered with cotton jersey, then hand  embroidered and gently needle sculpted. The body is sewn from cotton fabric and filled with organic rice and dried lavender blossom.…Read more a small keepsake