changes in the air…

Guidbye for noo – au revoir

The last few weeks have been wonderful and very busy in my studio. So many new friends have visited my webpage and social media accounts and have been so generous with lovely comments, likes and messages.

Lots of little snowmen flew out into the world and even though there wasn’t one for everyone, I hope that my posts and pictures have also spread joy and made you smile. I could finish all my little works in progress and I am happy that Fern, my first doll of 2022 and Hugo, my first little bear of 2022 have also found wonderful new homes.

There are some changes in the air as mARTi creates is moving. I feel lucky enough to call a few places home but after almost 20 years abroad the time has come to move back to Switzerland. Saying goodbye doesn’t become easier no matter how often one moves…but my family and I are looking forward to the new chapter and being back in our home country and closer to family and friends after all these years.

An expat life brings lots of adventures, challenges and often change. The one thing that has accompanied me since I moved to Australia in the early 2000 is my crafting. I have tried many different crafts but have always come back to creating friendly faces and charming characters. I have created countless dolls, teddy bears and felted friends and I’m sure this has helped me cope with all our moves & new beginnings.

All available figures have found a loving new home and I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support and interest in my work. While I cannot make a living from my crafts, I can support my hobby and spread joy around the world. This is a dream come true!

Thank you for visiting and for following my creative journey. It will be a bit quieter here on mARTi creates but more creations will come to live once we’re all settled in our new home. Thank you for your patience and for sticking around! Regina x

little Mick


Please meet Mick – my latest little snowman.

Mick is wool felted and soft sculpted; he has black onyx bead eyes, three vintage buttons and a cute little belly button. Mick is in sitting position and about 16cm in hight and comes with a knitted hat.

Mick is a bit shy and will make a quite and rather secretive appearance in my shop ( on Sunday, 23 January 2022 sometime between 5-7pm UK time (GMT).


As always, please note that all items are for decoration purposes only – please be gentle! The snowman is felted from natural, unbleached Merino wool.

Thank you for visiting!


Please meet Fern – my first cloth doll of 2022!


Fern is just about 26cm tall, sewn and soft sculpted from cotton jersey and with a crocheted mohair wig. Fern is wearing hand knitted dungarees, a jeans jacket, a wee hat and red felt shoes.

If you would like to bring Fern home, please visit my etsy shop ( on Saturday, 15 January 2022 @ 09:00 GMT, that’s UK time.

Fern (adoption fee GBP 180.00)

Please note that this is a decorative item only – please be gentle!

Thank you for visiting – I’m happy you are here!


Please meet Hugo – my first little bear of 2022!


Hugo is hand stitched from curly mohair fabric, soft sculpted and weight with little steel beards. He’s just about 10cm tall and wearing hand knitted dungarees.

Hugo will be available for adoption on Sunday, 16 January 2022 at 09:00 GMT, that’s UK time. If you’re interested in offering this little fella a new home please visit my etsy shop ( on the above date/time.


Decorative item only! Hugo will travel tracked, signed and insured to his new home – please note that custom charges might apply in your country. This is out of my control.

Thank you very much for visiting!

little snowmen boxes

little Snowmen friends

We woke up to a winter wonderland here in Glasgow – this is rather a rare treat and might not last for long. So I went for a walk early this morning to make the most of it!

It also feels very snowy in my little studio as I have been working on twelve little snowmen – a very happy project!

tiny snowmen in a wee box

I’m happy to announce that the next etsy shop update will be on Sunday, 9 January at 4pm GMT, that’s UK time.

Two little boxes with 6 tiny felted snowmen will be available for adoption.

Each snowmen is about 6-8cm tall, carefully handcrafted from soft merino wool and has a unique and charming expression. Each snowman has either a hand knitted scarf or pointed hat and tiny little black buttons sewn onto their belly. There are two boxes available with 6 tiny snowmen each (either with scarfs or hats as pictured above; each box is GBP85.00 plus shipping)

Thank you for visiting – I’m always happy you are here!

Welcome 2022!

Cheers to the new year & time for a wee shop update!

Little Teddy ‘Snow’ and Snowman ‘Jolly’ will be available for adoption. You will be able to meet them in my etsy shop ( on Thursday, 6th January 2022 at 7pm GMT (UK time).


Jolly is about 22cm tall and wool felted over a wire armature. Jolly comes with a tiny snowman friend and a hand knitted outfit. The adoption fee is GBP145.00 plus shipping.

felted snowmen by mARTi creates
Wool Art Figure ‘Jolly’

Teddy Snow

Teddy ‘Snow’ is a miniature Teddy bear, hand stitched and soft sculpted from Viscose fabric and just about 10cm tall. The little bear is wearing a hand knitted outfit and the adoption fee is GBP90.00 plus shipping.


Thank you very much for visiting!

have yourself a….

…merry little Christmas – let your heart be light.

….wishing you and yours a wonderful, happy and light filled Christmas if you are celebrating and some relaxing and joy filled winter days if you are not.

However you spent the next few days, I hope you have a magical time with family and friends and can put the worries and craziness of the current times aside for a bit – I’m always happy that you are here and simply hope that my little creations make you smile!

warm wishes, Regina x


Please meet Ellie!


Little Ellie is taking part in the Teddy Mission online Teddy Bear Show.

Ellie at the Teddy Mission Christmas show 2021

Entry is free of charge and you can find lots of charming creations from teddy bear artists all over the world. If you wish you can find my stall by clicking here.

Please email me if you wish to offer Ellie a new home. UPDATE: ELLIE HAS NOW FOUND A HOME ❤️ thank you very much!!

Wishing you a peaceful second Advent weekend filled with joy and light.

one more…

….snowy shop update before the Holidays!

Happy little snowmen

There will be one more etsy shop update before Christmas – if you wish to welcome one of the little snowmen or whimsical doll sets to your home, please visit my etsy shop ( on Thursday, 2nd December 2021 at 8pm/20:00 UK time (GMT). Please note Christmas delivery is expected but can’t be guaranteed.

Baby snowman

sleeping baby snowman – adoption fee £125 plus shipping
two whimsical sets with doll and snowman or bear in a cozy sleeping bag
– adoption fee £75 plus shipping

Thank you for your interest in my work and for buying handmade!

I’m happy you are here! x

Please note that all figures are decorative items only.