Willow – a teeny tiny wee little girl will soon be looking for a new home.


Willow is a handmade textile doll, just about 20cm tall but full of charm and love.

A wee little dollie, thread jointed with a floppy feel with a cute smile, little stitched fingers, toes and a belly button. She’s wearing hand knitted dungarees, an angora hat, a cardigan and tiny little socks.

The head is fully felted and needle sculpted with black teddy bear glass eyes. The hair is felted from blonde mohair locks.

Please note this is a decorative item only and not a toy. Please be gentle.

If you’d like to bring Willow home, you can meet her here on Wednesday, 15 July 2020 at 7pm UK time.

….oh this one will be a very tough one to let go….but I hope she will bring lots of joy, love and comfort to her new loving home.

Thank you for your time and your visit here at mARTi creates!

Please meet….

Twix and his felted friends – they are all looking for loving new homes.

You can find them all here.

Twix – my newest little bear.


He’s a jolly little bear with lots of charm and character.

Twix is fully hand stitched and needle sculpted; 5 way loosely jointed and weighted; with glass teddy bear eyes and a sculpted and painted nose. Twix is about 17cm tall in sitting position (about 21cm when standing).

He’s wearing a happy smile and hand knitted dungarees.

There is also a cheeky little Wool Bunny & a Wool Dog looking for a loving new home.

I hope you are all well – thank you for stopping by. I hope my little creations made you smile!


The long summer holidays are here. I can hardly believe it…..it’s all rather different this year. Well, I hope you are all coping well with the challenging situation and that you can enjoy lots of sunshine, a sneaky ice cream and some relaxing and carefree summer days.

I’m happy to announce another shop update as Yasmin and two felted friends are looking for new homes.

All creations will be available on Thursday, 25 June 2020 at 4pm (16:00) UK time.


Yasmin is a small (25cm) and slender little cloth art doll.

She has a needle felted and sculpted head with black teddy bear eyer and tiny little teeth completing her happy smile. Yasmin is thread jointed and therefore a floppy little doll. Her hair is felted and can’t be styled differently. Yasmin is wearing a knitted onesie, a cardigan, felted shoes and a knotted headband.

Then we also have two felted little friends looking for a new home.

The two dogs are small figurine with lots of charm and character.

Thank you for stopping by – as always, I’m very happy you are here!

Little Felted Friends

Lockdown is easing slowly here in Scotland and so it’s time to let a few felted friends find their new forever homes. They have been waiting very patiently and as always, I hope they will spread a little joy, comfort and hope during these challenging times.

First, we have Ted – the Wool Bear (15cm in sitting position):

We also have Emil – the Wool Donkey (12cm tall & 10cm from nose to tail):

Then comes Ginger – the Wool Fox (13cm):

My first #FeltSketches – group of 6 dogs, (about 8-10cm)

Please visit my www.marticreatesasmile.etsy.com

on Saturday, 30 May 2020 @ 16:00 / 4pm UK time

if you wish to offer a Ted, Emil, Ginger or the dogs a new home.

Thank you very much!

Robin – a little handful of bear

Today, I would like you to meet ROBIN – my newest creation.

A jolly handful of bear called Robin – hand stitched and soft sculpted artist Teddy Bear by mARTi creates.

Robin is just about 8 inches from head to toe (6,5” in sitting position), hand stitched from teddy bear fabric, button jointed with a wobbly neck joint and stuffed with polyfill and beads. He has glass teddy bear eyes, a stitched and waxed nose and sculpted paws.
Robin is wearing a hand knitted jumper.

Please note, all my Bears are created with great joy, care and attention to detail. This is not a toy due to small parts and the delicate nature.

Robin will be available for adoption on Wednesday, 27 May 2020 at 7pm (19:00) UK time.

Thank you very much for visiting and please stay safe!


It’s Thursday & yet again at 8pm we all join the weekly clap for carers.

I clap for all key workers and volunteers.

I clap for everyone who quietly stays at home and makes the best of the current situation.

#StaySafe & #BeKind


This Wool Bunny is available for adoption – you can find him here.

Proceeds go to the local food bank and charities.

Thank you! x

unprecedented times

It has been a while since my last blog post and it seems that nothing is the same since you last heard from me.


I truly hope you are all keeping well and safe wherever you are!


I have a happy bunch of wool bunnies and little wool puppy looking for a loving home and I truly hope they bring some joy and happiness to their new families.


The following felted friends will be available in my etsy shop on Friday, 17 April 2020 @ 7pm (19:00) UK summer time:

Bunny Family

Fred the Wool Bunny

Molly the Wool Bunny

Wool Bunny

Wool Puppy

Thank you very much for stopping by. Please visit my shop at 7pm UK time tomorrow evening, 17 April 2020, if you wish to meet my newest felted creations.

Stay safe and take good care!