it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


Christmas is on 25 December, we all know that perfectly well – but somehow it always seems to sneak up on us and come as a surprise….


Well, there are just a few more days to go…


Whether you are all organized, still rushing about or waiting for the postman to deliver your orders….

Whether your tree is long up and carefully decorated or still waiting outside for the glorious moment….

Whether you have written many cards, sent a few emails or picked up the phone to connect with friends and family…

Whether this is your favorite time of the year or you’d rather wish it wouldn’t happen at all….


Well, whatever the case, I truly hope you are warm and safe.

I would like to send you peace and love this Holiday season from my home to yours whether you are celebrating in one way or another or maybe not at all.

Thank you for being here – I always hope my little creations make you smile and bring lots of joy and also comfort when things are not that easy.

It’s now time for a little break but soon there will be new little friends in the works and available in January 2020.

Thank you very much for your loyal support and kindness.

Merry Christmas 🎄


Regina ‘mARTi creates’



If you are…

…always trying to be normal

you will never know how amazing

you can be.’

maya angelou


Please meet Fleur – the newest little art cloth doll by mARTi creates.


Fleur is a small handmade Art Cloth Doll by mARTi creates.
She is about 25cm/10” tall and made with lots of joy and love.
Mirabelle is filled with soft wool and some steel and glass pellets for a little extra weight. She’s a floppy little doll; ideal for posing and a little cuddle.
Her head is fully needle felted, soft sculpted and slightly colored and some black glass Teddy bear eyes finish the friendly expression. The wig is sewn and felted from some dark blonde mohair locks and can be gently styled.
She is wearing a small summer dress, trousers, a cardigan, a hat, scarf, socks and shoes.


Fleur will be looking for a new home on Wednesday, 15 January 2020 @ 8pm/20:00 UK time. You will be able to find her here.


Thank you very much for stopping by. I’m happy you are here!

one more time….

The last few weeks have been very busy here and many little snowmen have traveled out into the world.  I hope they made lots of people happy and smile.


My etsy shop will open its doors one more time before the Christmas Holidays.


That way all parcels will hopefully reach their destination before all the Christmas cheer……and the snowmen and little dolls will be all warm and cozy in their new homes.

So, please join me on Saturday, 7 December 2019 between 3pm and 4pm UK Time for some giggles and treats in my little shop.

Thank you very much – I’m looking forward to seeing you there!


there is a…

…winter wonderland on my work table!


Five little snowmen friends all carrying a special little treasure and waiting to make you smile!


Small felted snowman figurine –  joyful little fellas with lots and lots of character.

Every single one is carefully handcrafted and has a unique expression; each one carries a special gift and is wearing a tiny hand knitted scarf.

The snowmen will be available in my etsy shop on Wednesday, 13 November 2019 throughout the day (sometime between 8am and 8pm UK time).


Please note the felted little friends are decorative items only due to their delicate nature and tiny parts.

Thank you for visiting – it’s nice to have you here!



the clocks go back tonight…

The clocks go back tonight.

An hour more sleep or an hour more crafting, whatever you like.

….and also a little treat in my shop.


a small handmade baby cloth doll and her little felted unicorn

– all bundled up in a cozy sleeping bag embellished with a felted heart in hot pink

Available in my shop on Sunday, 27 October 2019 @ 2pm (14:00) UK Time


DOLL: Small cloth doll; sewn from lovely cotton fabric and stuffed with just a little soft wool. Only the head, hands and feet are firmly stuffed, needle sculpted and covered in flesh colored jersey fabric. The hair is a wig, crocheted from soft pink mohair yarn. The baby doll is wearing a small knitted hat with a felted ball on top.

UNICORN: The little unicorn is needle and wet felted; with black beady eyes. Embellished with tiny buttons and wonderful little details.

This is a small set; please see pictures for size comparison with my hand.
This could be a gift for a special person in your life or a little treasure just for yourself.

DECORATIVE ITEM ONLY: Please note this is not a toy due to the delicate nature of this whimsical set and the tiny parts. Thank you very much for visiting!


Thank you very much for stopping by!