“I begin with an idea….

….and then it becomes something else” pablo picasso Please meet ‘Ilsa’. -a little tomboy with a strong & free spirit.   Ilsa is a 30cm/12” artistic interpretation of a cloth doll. She has a needle felted head with soft sculpted features. The hair is a wig, crocheted from soft mohair yarn and her eyes areContinue reading ““I begin with an idea….”


‘no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow’  what a wonderful quote. Winter here in Scotland is definitively cold, wet and dark. In the first weeks of January I truly thought that there’s no proper daylight at all; the sun must have moved somewhere else. Well, we’re not through yet but theContinue reading “Daisy”

Nailah & Khari

It was an enormous joy creating little Nailah and her brother Khari. …they brought so much sunshine, happiness, rhythm, poetry, all the colors of the rainbow and the simple joy of life to my studio. I would like to add a few quotes by Maya Angelou, the remarkable writer, poet, actress, and civil rights activist.Continue reading “Nailah & Khari”