little giggles…

‘the earth has music for those who listen.’ w. shakespeare There’s a busy hustle and bustle in my etsy shop. Can you here them giggle? these three whimsical little sets will be available on Saturday, 18. August 2018 @ 3pm BST (UK Time) Whimsical Set 1 Whimsical Set 2 Description Whimsical Set 1 & 2:Continue reading “little giggles…”


Ginger hair and happy freckles – please meet Charlotte! Charlotte is like a wise little owl and also quite a whirlwind in my studio. This little girl is about 13”/32cm tall. Her head and face are needle felted, soft sculpted and colored. Charlotte has sparkly glass teddy bear eyes and the most wonderful ginger curls.Continue reading “Ginger”


‘Not all of us can do great things, but we all can do small things with great love.’ mother teresa Alina, is my first doll child of 2018. She’s a gentle little soul with a friendly face and sparkly little eyes. Alina’s head and features are firmly needle felted, needle sculpted and colored with beautifulContinue reading “Alina”

“I begin with an idea….

….and then it becomes something else” pablo picasso Please meet ‘Ilsa’. -a little tomboy with a strong & free spirit.   Ilsa is a 30cm/12” artistic interpretation of a cloth doll. She has a needle felted head with soft sculpted features. The hair is a wig, crocheted from soft mohair yarn and her eyes areContinue reading ““I begin with an idea….”