‘mARTi creates’ is moving

We’re moving soon….we’re moving to a new city, new country, new continent. We’re moving to Scotland! It’s all very exciting but also sad to leave everything behind. So, I need to start cleaning out and packing. A few days ago I went through all my supplies, lovely yarn, fun fabric, warm wool for stuffing andContinue reading “‘mARTi creates’ is moving”

Dollectable Giveaway – January 1st, 2016

Please meet ‘Penelope’ – she’s an 11” natural fiber art doll created by Regina Marti from “mARTi creates”. I created ‘Penelope’ to say THANK YOU – Thank You for your interest in my dolls, your likes, messages and notes, and your big support throughout 2015. I’m very thankful and hope you’ll join Dollectable again inContinue reading “Dollectable Giveaway – January 1st, 2016”